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Unlike some other transfer companies we do NOT Share your transfer with any other passengers, so your transfer is exclusive to you.

Some other companies operate like a shuttle service they will make you wait anything up to 20 minutes while the other passengers arrive, then put you into a people carrier and drop you off hotel by hotel this entire process can add up to 45 minutes that is on top of the normal 30 minutes it takes to get from the airport to a hotel in the center of Prague.

Of course if you have booked a shuttle style transfer and are expecting all this what you wanted.

Some companies also charged Per Person for a shared transfer starting from £8, well if there is only 1 of you then that is a fantastic price and we would urge you to defiantly book with those companies.

But if there are 2 of you then that means £8+£8 = £16 why would you want to pay £16 and share a transfer with others and waist up to a hour when for only £2 more you can have a exclusive (not Shared) transfer.

Every person has there own preference, whatever your choice we wish you a pleasant stay in Prague
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